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Choose Simmonds Clockmaking Ltd in Norfolk if you would like your clock repaired. We specialise in all types of clock repairs throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, across East Anglia, London, the UK and worldwide.

Keep your clocks in good repair

At Simmonds Clockmaking Ltd, we offer a full service for the repair and conservation of clocks, including dials and case work, where necessary. Our full repair and conservation work is guaranteed for a full 12 months. Call to discuss your needs.
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Highest quality repair work

The E.C.C.O. (European Confederation of Conservator Organisation), defines a conservator-repairer as "a professional who has the training, knowledge, skills and understanding to act with the aim of preserving cultural heritage for the future". Over the years there have been many approaches to repairing our horological heritage. We follow both the BHI Code of Practice, and the E.C.C.O guidelines, applying both as appropriate.
Clock repair

Photo above clock movement after many years of neglect

Horological services

Photo above the same movement following the required repair work in our workshop

Specialist horological services

In addition to repairs and conservation of clocks we also offer you the opportunity of owning a unique clock made especially for your home. We offer a collection and delivery service across the UK. 

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Quality clockmaking

The UK has long had a fine tradition of clockmaking. Throughout the last 5 centuries clock makers have endeavoured to use the best skills, science, materials, and tooling available to make mechanical clocks. As a company, we continue to use this traditional approach today, using materials such as the latest steels, including stainless steel, hard brasses, glass, titanium, carbon fibre, and where appropriate CNC precision machining to complement our unique and bespoke design work. We are a highly skilled and qualified team working together to produce individual precision timepieces to fulfil our clients' desires. All our work is designed and made in Norfolk - England - the UK.

Musical long case clocks have always been popular. In this example, designed and manufactured in our Raveningham workshop, the principal tune played is "Oranges and Lemons". As this is not a usual tune Whitechapel Bell Foundry cast the set of bells especially for this clock. The clock is wound once a week, the winding squares being revealed when the case hood door is opened. In addition to showing the time, this clock also shows the time of the sunrise and sunset, the passage of the sun through the sky during the day, the date, including the 28th and 29th February, and the phase of the moon. Standing 7 feet 2 inches tall in a purpose made cherry lined oak case, and featuring two marquetry panels showing birds in their Norfolk Broads habitat, the clock is a wonderful addition to the client's home.

Month running table calendar clock:

Clock numbers 18 and 19. Both clocks feature a version of John Harrison’s famous grasshopper escapement, which is fascinating to observe. This version is based on research carried out in the U.S.A. Each clock is wound once a month, and each clock displays a full calendar year, February having 28 days. Clock number 19 has the addition of the phase of the moon being displayed.

Calendar clock

Sun dials
Sun dials:

These are an attractive and fascinating external garden feature. The sun dial is made from bronze, with gilded time lines. The outer surround is 17th century oak, and was designed to incorporate certain architectural details from Hales Hall. During the afternoon hours, the name of the hall is shown as a shadow on the dial scale. The outer surround is 17th century oak, and was designed to incorporate certain architectural details from Hales Hall. During the afternoon hours the name of the hall is shown as a shadow on the dial scale.

Armillary sphere:

The Armillary sphere was made for the herb garden at Raveningham hall. It is 18" in diameter, and is set onto a purpose made pillar. It can be viewed when the gardens are open. We also made a larger item of a similar design which now lives on the west coast on the Isle of Arran. All three sun dials were made for specific latitudes. The Hales Hall sun dial was made specifically for a wall with a certain orientation.
Armillary sphere
Associations and accreditation:

We are associated to the British Watch & Clock Makers Guild (S635) and the British Horological Institute (161951)
  • Accredited to the Federation of Small Businesses (2013464)
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